Creative portrait photography, unique costuming and props with fashion flair, for women who want to show their extraordinary selfs. The lair exhibits a love for Alice in Wonderland. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Bowen Mountain, Sydney NSW 2753
*By appointment ONLY

Like no other

Not your ordinary costume and photography lair!

Ultra Violet Lair is a boutique costume and photography studio, at a private residence near Richmond, in Sydney. The entrance, now classified a theatrical space leads into a designated room of the same nature, within the artist/photographers house, is now a detailed wonderland for imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, to reclaim their sense of self & be photographed with vintage to fashion flair.

Entrance your inner child with bespoke attire, headpieces, Victorian charm, circus themed splendour. It’s an amusement ride of colour, texture and detail.

Be the spark, the conversation starter with creative photos to express your way. No need to pose if not up for it, however please know the props galore and set design to the studio space will work it’s magic. Regardless of age, size, it’s all about letting your inner child out to play..

Ana knows what it’s like to have your photo taken and not feel 100% comfortable or have it taken as you envisioned. When younger, Ana completed a makeup, modelling and catwalk course to help her obtain more confidence with this. Her aim is to make you feel welcome, in a setting to rewild your imagination, enjoy the now, with you front and centre.

Ana also loves to take photos of the between moments, to capture expressions and laughter to your way.

With either packages, see the ‘Creative Services‘ page, you have full access to all of the props and accessories in the studio space. Items are strung about the place, like cherries on the tree, ripe for picking.

Before your visit and during, let’s craft your aesthetic, find your calling. The seeds are to be planted for you to flower and enchant your inner child. Away from standards and routine, Ana’s mission is to help find your real identity (empowerment) and to celebrate it (transformation).

Book now your day at the Lair to experience professional hair and makeup artistry, wonderful costuming in a gorgeous setting.
Creative photography with vintage to fashion flair.
Be the next forthcoming show and a show stopper at that.

Bookings by appointment ONLY
Daytime – Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday’s ONLY
Location – Bowen Mountain

Require more information? See the Process to the Lair for a step by step guide.


  1. Ana has put her heart and soul into what she does, this is no cookie cutter business for costuming and photography. Generally, you would either go to a shop for costumes and a photo studio for photos. Ana combines her passions, inclusive of working both professionally in the costume and photography fields.
  2. Ana helps you bring out your inner child, evoke playfulness, both before and after your makeover and photography session.
  3. Own your look, with also a goddess presence. Open your mind in a creative fashion, enter unmarked territories or one’s forgotten, break away from the norm, every day.
  4. Think ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ but with accessories and props. Items are strung about the studio space, like cherries on a tree, ripe for picking. Also within the pull-out kit, you have full access to what’s on hand, no matter which package you go with.
  5. The Lair aims to give you a unique experience, styling you with existing pieces with a fantastical edge. Most of the costumes have been made from vintage wares, antique wedding dresses and all sorts, therefore a unique stamp is across the board.
  6. To empower you in the most creative way, be comfortable in front of the camera, in an extraordinary setting to go.
  7. The studio space is like a gallery of the ornate, beautiful and bizarre. It’s detail throughout, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Victorian and circus themed as one.
  8. Have a glass of complimentary wine or sparkling (for free) whilst your stay here, delivered by a doll butler (ok he sits on the tray..)
  9. The back end of the house has a gorgeous bushland view, surrounded by trees
  10. Ana’s professional experience in photo retouching and photography at various high-end companies ensures you are in good hands.
  11. We work together prior to ensure all boxes are ticked, this is no quick, take your money, camera click. Ana takes the time to ask questions, send you references based on your answers, to ensure your visit here is what you have been looking for, to exceeding expectations
  12. Styling you is separate time on top to the photography session. Even with the ‘Come as you dare’ package, there is time to utilise the props and accessories to make the most of your session. High end fashion magazines are right up Ana’s alley. The more out there, the better! Go for it….
  13. For your inner child, there is a large-scale dolls house, surreal in nature, with miniature chandelier’s that work. Cut up vintage Barbie dolls throughout. Choco vines from a previous residence of Ana’s, is a large part to this doll house foundation, taking over 10 years to complete.
  14. The props, such as the light up enchanted trees, goddess chair and the oversized gold mirrored frame, all transform your experience and are wonderful backdrops.
  15. Props and accessories are suggested or at hand to enhance your experience, also used as a fun distraction especially if nerves are at play. The accessories across the board are one off’s and meticulously made, not for mass use.
  16. Ana goes out of her way to ensure you are comfortable getting your photo taken, and knows personally from past experience, hence doing a modelling course when younger to get over this! To make you feel at ease by drawing on your imaginative spirit, with props galore.
  17. The drive here is truly beautiful and surrounding areas like Bilpin and Kurrajong.
  18. A ‘Underground’ coffee is made for you once here or specialty tea, or a cheeky complimentary wine on request (if later in the day/if you are of legal age!)
  19. There are so many background sections within the space of the Lair. Please know, you will be lost in the detail of the room, your inner child will most definitely come out to play.
  20. Photography in the back garden facing the bush is now available as well as studio pics (based on the time frame). However, several close outdoor locations can be explored as an alternative to the studio space at the Lair. The Junk Yard in Londonderry is an amazing option! Let’s talk and see what works best for you.
  21. The photographer and artist has worked in theatre and worked on a few low budget feature films therefore set design is close to her heart. There is no favourite, photography, costume and set design are all intertwined. Ana is a detail freak, with a love for the ornate, full stop!
  22. Creative photography is explored from all angles off and on a tripod. Whatever it takes for you to look your best within the frame.
  23. The photo/artwork prints are professional fine art quality. Your welcome to see any examples at the studio. The paper stock really brings out the details and colours.
  24. Full experience catering (add on’s) are available to delight all of your senses and make the day even more special. All decadent treats, savoury to sweet!
  25. Have a small quirky video done (taken via an I-phone) for yourself, socials etc in the moment, Ana is open to your fun ideas.
  26. Tell your story, your way. You have the option to make a custom brief, go to different locations for photography, storytelling via graphics, there are unlimited possibilities, all dependant on your budget!
  27. Photos can be taken to new heights with digital artistry. You have the opportunity to be placed into a unique artwork from a selected photo taken at your photo session (as an add on). Choose the artwork, work with Ana to fit the scene as you wish.
  28. The Lair promises escapism from the blah of Covid, you deserve a treat in a safe environment where you can be, you! Your way with fashion flair, the model of colour, texture and detail of the extraordinary!
  29. Ana doesn’t discriminate, open to anyone who wants to frock up! It’s all expressing your creativity. Flowering your way.
  30. The Lair is a new kid on the block, in terms of costuming and photography, however not in experience. In collaboration with Ana’s hair and makeup go to Pam, your in for one hell of a grand makeover! That’s Ana’s promise.
Ultra Violet Lair - Alice in Wonderland styled chairs


Sasha Nederpelt

My recent photoshoot with Ana at Ultraviolet Lair was such a wonderful experience. A chance to step back in time, experience vintage fashions of years gone by, and allow my inner child to play in front of the camera. Fun, professional and costume choices aplenty. Ana helped me feel at ease during the process and hair and make-up helped bring the creative vision to life. Thank you for such a memorable experience. The final creative images are amazing!


Elizabeth Brandt

What a wonderful experience at Ultra Violet Lair! Taken away from the ordinary, looked after and treated to an extensive range of props, outfits and settings, the photo shoot was at once professional and enjoyable. So recommend this for a memorable experience, dress up, play and have a professional photographer, hair and makeup stylist bring a fantasy to life with photos to remember. Thank you so much Ana.


Ronald Levesque

The imagination in the artistry is beyond amazing. The talent and art displayed is exceptional. A true artist in every sense of the word.


Pammy Sparre – Phoenix Hair & Makeup Artistry

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Ana on a enter the art zone lockdown photoshoot.. Ana gave me so many great options and was a joy to work with.. I am so over the moon with the final edits.. Absolutely fabulous! Ana's creativity is unique and magical.. I would highly recommend her if your looking for something completely outside the box..I look forward to working with this amazing lady in the future.. Thankyou Ana!


Imogen Terry – (Photo Shoot)

I would highly recommend Ana, her attention to detail and artwork is incredibly good and unique! If you are in need of a graphic artist or looking for a unique photo shoot, Ana is your lady!


Bella Wolf – Earthly Delight

It is so much joy to work with Ana! She takes the stress out of tricky design work and infuses so much fun into the process for those of us mere mortals in the blogging world. I love Ana’s magical sense of aesthetics and real attention to the finest details. she went above and beyond for me and took the time to really listen to what I wanted and guide me through the process coming up with lots of options. I am so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ana. I loved spending time in your Lair. Let’s do it again soon. (Portrait/Graphic Design work)


Model – Mimi Belle

I found Ultra Violet Lair online and entered a photoshoot competition with the lovely Ana! Luckily I won and got to experience the magic that is the Ultra Violet Lair! So many beautiful costume choices, props and sets, it’s really like stepping into Wonderland! Had a fabulous day shooting and Ana was very flexible as I had injured myself just before the shoot and was in a moon boot (not that you can tell looking at the pics hehe). Thanks so much Ana, can’t wait to be back in the studio again sometime soon xx


Costumes are one off’s, meticulously made and not for mass use. From head to toe the accessories are matched or with contrast to your attire. A full styled look to ensure you shine or pop in the photo.

Most photographers charge for the time, associated just for the photography. Ie. you would bring a few outfits from your wardrobe. However at the Lair, this is combined, with a focus pocus on costume styling;) The time for costuming and getting your hair/makeup is on top. Therefore with the ‘Ultra Day Out’ package, your time here is roughly 3-4 hours.

All the costumes all have to be cleaned, steamed as well as other bits and pieces within the space with care.

It has taken the artist/photographer years to work on the studio space and over 10 years for the dolls house like no other that has miniature chandeliers that work within. At the end of December 2021, the studio space has opened up and now more room/options to have as backdrops. This is not your ordinary costume and photography place!


Two bookings can be made, however you are photographed separately. The changes related to the packages are for one person only, therefore 2 x $249.00 for the deposit. This is a creative portrait photoshoot mainly associated with a costume focus.
Down the track an option will open that is catering to children.


Yes! See the ‘Creative Services‘ page for the add on options. As previous faces to the Lair wished they had something to nibble on. Having your hair and makeup done, catering options are bite sized to ensure your makeup stays in place. Spaghetti noodles are out of the question! There is a gorgeous fruit, crackers and cheese option, through to treats such as custom cakes or biscuits, pure decadance! Please allow a two week ordering time, especially with the lady who bakes and creates as she is in high demand!


Any requested prints are basic retouched
Colour correction, file resize, depending on your request, file formatting, then sending through to the printer. Once received and checked, then packaged accordingly. Roughly a two week turnaround once sent to print.


From curating your look, with outfits, accessories to go, hair & makeup, professionally styled, to capturing the moments via creative photography, every detail is brought to fruition.


Once Ana has a rough idea as to what outfits you are up for. Colour schemes, makeup guideline is worked out.
Glamorous, vintage to creative. Pam can do it all, hair to makeup. Liz is featured here at the Lair. Pam from Phoenix Hair and Makeup Artistry works in collaboration with Ana to ensure you look extraordinary! Her experience, talents and makeup selections are endless. Off to the glittering highway you go!

Phoenix Hair and Makeup Artistry with Liz


Let’s chat and see what you require from your photo session. Both the digital and printed photos can be purchased in batches. Digital artistry can also take your photos to new levels.



The Junkyard
Treasure trove of antiques, ‘automotive and books, along with artefacts and incidentals which hold their value because of their rarity’. It’s an amazing place to be lost in time and very much in the present. An excellent place for photographs for the cool cats wanting something different.

Location – 11 Bennett Rd, Londonderry | OPEN – Weds, then Friday to Sunday | 20 – 25 minutes drive from the here

Bellsridge Cottage
Art gallery to clothing store, cool, amazing, alternative..

Location – 1286 – Bells Line Rd, Kurrajong Heights

OPEN – Thursday to Sunday | 15 minutes drive from the here

Hawkesbury Remakery
Art gallery, sustainable items, unique finds..

Location – 126 George St, Windsor
OPEN – Wednesday to Sunday – 30 minutes drive from here

Kurrajong shops
Good selection of cafes, shops for clothing and gifts.

Location – Old Bells Line Rd, Kurrajong | 7 minutes drive from here

Gallery of the Lair

Bespoke attire made from vintage clothing and other gorgeous finds. Hair and makeup artistry with glamour to fashion flair. See the recent shoots at the Lair as inspiration to what you could do/wear at your costume and photography session!

Ultra Violet Lair - book now
Book now flamingos picture
Pages from Illuminations book, Walter Benjamin on screen


The Lair – Blog

Bite size blog entries from Ana from a fashion, art and design perspective, to her influences, creative makings and her way.