Refashioned vintage attire to Lolita Alice in Wonderland dresses. Creative photography is the record to this tale. This gallery enriched space awaits all imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, that speaks volumes, to your creativity and way. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Bowen Mountain, Sydney NSW 2753
*By appointment ONLY
One of a kind, themed photo shoots, logo and feature image of model Claudia, at The Lair

Under the radar to the norm

Alternative style costumes to portraits, with edge

Arthouse photo studio

Alternative style costumes to themed photo shoots, wearing one of a kind headpieces and accessories. Creative makeovers to further take you to the next level. ‘The Lair’ is under the radar from the norm, an arthouse photo studio located in Bowen Mountain, Sydney.

As you step into the studio, your inner child comes out. It’s a sanctuary that celebrates all things quirky, and embraces the haunting allure of gothic shadows. At Ultra Violet Lair, you’re free to express your true self, unburdened by fear or judgement. You will have full access to all of the props, headpieces and accessories in the studio space. Items are strung about the place, like cherries on the tree, ripe for picking.

Random soundscapes, oversized playing cards to mannequins. It’s a plethora of dolls, enriched detail and things are going to get weirder!

Ana’s brief introduction is below. Please visit the contact page to book a 30 minute appointment to see the clothes, headpieces, space, prior to your booking, for a day out at this one of a kind arthouse ‘lair’.

Themed photo shoots

Costumes to photography. Starting with the styling.. Mashed up attire to your liking. No road blocks to your aesthetic look, only words of encouragement for more. Ana the artist/photographer is passionate about art and design, all collides in the most edgy fashion, as one here.

Themed photo shoots, unique in nature, fashioned like film plots to enchant the mind with you dressed to the nines, where decadence meets her best friend dark, with much macabre. Alternatively, swoon or move about the space, as Rhiannon recently, in her own fashion for her ‘witching hour’.

Will you succumb to this madness? Own the shadows, grace within the ornate. Choose the genre, theme or basic plot. Dark fantasy, enchanted dream, last person on the Earth, macabre to film noir. Play your part in your mayhem role solo, or with a friend. The Blade Runner set is Ana’s latest and is here to stay, further developments are currently being made.

Alternative style costumes, Claudia as the zombie bride slayer

Alternative style costumes

Away from standards and routine, Ana’s mission is to enchant your inner child. The range of alternative style costumes are a a treasure trove of meticulously crafted garments awaits. Reworked vintage to the occasional new. If the glove fits, it’s part of the collection. From gothic elegance, Pris from Blade Runner to whimsical dark Alice. Choose your key and unlock the door to your extraordinary self.

Creative makeovers

Creative makeovers go in hand with the costumes at the Lair. Our skilled makeup artisans, such as Pam from Phoenix Hair and Makeup Artistry, are more than just artists; they’re architects of empowerment. Every brush stroke unveils a more confident, radiant version of yourself that’s been waiting to emerge.

Have your hair styled vintage to modern, no limits to your look. A great reference book to vintage styled hair is at the Lair for ideas at play.

Arthouse photo studio, Rhiannon in photo shoot 'witching hour'

‘Looking for a unique photo shoot that transports you to another world?
Ultra Violet Lair is the answer! Ana is the mastermind behind it all, she is creative, considerate and one of a kind. She is welcoming and passionate about transforming your vision into reality. Ana listens to you. She ensures that you are both on the same page, so your vision is achieved. She is flexible and open to suggestion, enabling your creativity to shine. But don’t worry, if that’s not you, Ana is great at guiding and directing you to ensure she captures your essence within your vision. She calmed my doubts and boosted my confidence by giving me a little sneak peek on her camera here and there.
Her creativity is unmatched; she has a great eye for detail
and her editing is superb, specialising in the mystical realm.

The studio is compact, but offers versatility with loads of different
backdrops that can be tailored to fit your vision. With an abundance of props from cute and dainty all the way through loopy and spooky, you are covered. The wardrobe choices are sensational. Lots to choose from – dresses, two pieces, skirts, blouses, corsets, capes and stockings. Specialising in the darker aesthetic, a diversity of black pieces. A wide variety of colours are also available, ranging from simple, classic designs to countless unique and
ornate pieces. I selected a sensational emerald green two piece that sent me back into the Victorian period with a hoop underskirt. Accessories are plentiful to style your look, with a special mention to the exquisite headpieces to choose from. A mysterious and sultry burgundy mask elevated the shoot and left my jaw on the floor, upon looking at the results.

Be careful though, not only will you be transformed within the shoot, you
may also be transported forward in time, as the time flies by. Overall, I am so happy with experience. I am overjoyed and in awe of the absolutely stunning photos that Ana captured.’

Testimonial – Rhiannon Dark

This experience is more than costume and photography. It’s a declaration that you are unapologetically you. It’s a testament that celebrates your individuality, your strength, and your journey, seizing the narrative. Each photograph, a visual story that speaks of liberation, daring, and the joy of a life lived authentically.

Join the ranks of those who dare to rewrite their story.

*Bookings by appointment ONLY
Open – Monday to Saturday’s
Location – *Private residence – 10 Crag Crescent, Bowen Mountain, NSW 2753

Ana at Ultra Violet Lair would like to acknowledge and pay her respect to the traditional custodians of the land, the Darug and Darkinjung people, where she lives and her work is created.

Australian made and owned business


Ana runs her business from her home, supporting other local businesses in the Hawkesbury area, from makeup and hair artistry, to catering etc.

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Outdoor shoots

The photos of the bushlands were taken 13th August, just with an iPhone whilst on a walk, of the fire-trail that runs parallel to the back of our property. Claudia wearing dark attire was taken out the back. Bec, the first Queen of Hearts was photographed in our front yard. Miranda Fair was photographed in bushlands close to here with her own flamingo plastic birds edited into the photo. Also wearing the recently Queen of Hearts headpiece inspired from the original Lewis Carroll ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book.

So many great spots for photography. A local park a few minutes drive, also has stunning large trees as backdrops, as well as to be amongst the branches, good for Halloween amongst other!

Arthouse photo studio, Rhiannon featured, at the Lair

Off the glittering highway you go..
Arrive with your makeup to die for, or have your
makeup professionally applied
Then dress to the nines, hand-picked by you,
your then primed ready to be photographed

Ultra Violet Lair - Alice in Wonderland styled chairs


Claudia Surridge

What a unique and entertaining experience! Glam make-up and hair followed by costumes, props and jewellery. I embraced my inner-goth as Ana talked me through the poses and her vision. Loved every minute of this photoshoot and will forever treasure these photos. Thank you Ana. You are a true artist xxx


Bec Bayss

I completely stepped out of my comfort zone for this & so glad I did. Ana was great at making me feel at ease in front of the camera. The costume was next level and the hair & Makeup was so much fun. I almost didn't recognise myself. The addition of the alpaca to the photo shoot was amazing. Definitely an experience I would recommend either for yourself or as a gift.


Bianca Santucci

What an amazing experience! I loved it! Ana is so talented in her work and so creative in coming up with ideas for the photoshoot. I loved giving myself the time to go and get all done up with makeup and hair to feel amazing and Ana made me feel so special and comfortable when doing the shoot . The makeup artist and hairdresser was amazing as well, did an amazing job with hair and makeup which I loved. I would definitely recommend this experience by Ana. The whole experience was so wonderful.


Sasha Nederpelt

My recent photoshoot with Ana at Ultraviolet Lair was such a wonderful experience. A chance to step back in time, experience vintage fashions of years gone by, and allow my inner child to play in front of the camera. Fun, professional and costume choices aplenty. Ana helped me feel at ease during the process and hair and make-up helped bring the creative vision to life. Thank you for such a memorable experience. The final creative images are amazing!


Elizabeth Brandt

What a wonderful experience at Ultra Violet Lair! Taken away from the ordinary, looked after and treated to an extensive range of props, outfits and settings, the photo shoot was at once professional and enjoyable. So recommend this for a memorable experience, dress up, play and have a professional photographer, hair and makeup stylist bring a fantasy to life with photos to remember. Thank you so much Ana.


Ronald Levesque

The imagination in the artistry is beyond amazing. The talent and art displayed is exceptional. A true artist in every sense of the word.


Pammy Sparre – Phoenix Hair & Makeup Artistry

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Ana on a enter the art zone lockdown photoshoot.. Ana gave me so many great options and was a joy to work with.. I am so over the moon with the final edits.. Absolutely fabulous! Ana's creativity is unique and magical.. I would highly recommend her if your looking for something completely outside the box..I look forward to working with this amazing lady in the future.. Thankyou Ana!


Imogen Terry – (Photo Shoot)

I would highly recommend Ana, her attention to detail and artwork is incredibly good and unique! If you are in need of a graphic artist or looking for a unique photo shoot, Ana is your lady!


Bella Wolf – Earthly Delight

It is so much joy to work with Ana! She takes the stress out of tricky design work and infuses so much fun into the process for those of us mere mortals in the blogging world. I love Ana’s magical sense of aesthetics and real attention to the finest details. she went above and beyond for me and took the time to really listen to what I wanted and guide me through the process coming up with lots of options. I am so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ana. I loved spending time in your Lair. Let’s do it again soon. (Portrait/Graphic Design work)


Model – Mimi Belle

I found Ultra Violet Lair online and entered a photoshoot competition with the lovely Ana! Luckily I won and got to experience the magic that is the Ultra Violet Lair! So many beautiful costume choices, props and sets, it’s really like stepping into Wonderland! Had a fabulous day shooting and Ana was very flexible as I had injured myself just before the shoot and was in a moon boot (not that you can tell looking at the pics hehe). Thanks so much Ana, can’t wait to be back in the studio again sometime soon xx


Alternative styled costumes, Pammy and Annie during their photo shoot

A friend in need

Yes, the title from a Placebo track, if you want to do a photo shoot with much hilarity as Annie and Pam featured. What antics is right up your alley?

Themed photo shoots, Miranda, drag artiste in the bushlands, Bowen Mountain

‘This AMAAAZING costume is typical of her work, all painstakingly handmade and gorgeous to behold. It just needed a senior face and a touch of madness to make it complete! More to come! Thanks Ana!’

The above on Miranda Fair’s Facebook page @mirandafairsings re this photo.


Any questions? Visit the FAQ for more information and/or the contact page.

The process page has the pre and post stages to your costume and photo shoot at The Lair.


The costumes page has all the styled outfits and accessories to go at the top. Please let Ana know if you have any questions related. More outfits are being added all the time.


Please fill out the easy online ‘Style Me‘ form, to help Ana find the best options for you to choose from. This offers ideas at play for props and headpieces as well as fuel for thought, for backgrounds etc.

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