Creative portrait photography, unique costuming and props with fashion flair, for women who want to show their extraordinary selfs. The lair exhibits a love for Alice in Wonderland. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Bowen Mountain, Sydney NSW 2753
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Like no other

A boutique costume and photography studio

Ultra Violet Lair is a boutique costume and photography studio, like no other. A detailed wonderland for imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, to reclaim their sense of self & be photographed with vintage to fashion flair.

Entrance your inner child with bespoke attire, headpieces, Victorian charm, circus themed splendour. It’s an amusement ride of colour, texture and detail.

The Lair is an imaginative dreamland that will continue to evolve with more extraordinary spectacular. Miniature to large scale detail throughout this designed space, with a love for Alice in Wonderland and Victorian beauty.

Before your visit and during, let’s craft your aesthetic, find your calling, front and centre. The seeds are to be planted for you to flower and enchant your inner child. Away from standards and routine, Ana’s mission is to help find your real identity (empowerment) and to celebrate it (transformation).

Professional makeup artistry, wonderful costuming in a gorgeous setting. Creative photography with whimsical and fashion flair is the record. Be the next forthcoming show and a show stopper at that.

Bookings by appointment ONLY – (Daytime – Wednesday/Friday/Saturday’s ONLY)
Require more information? See the Process to the Lair for a step by step guide.



+ Transcend the conventions
+ Express your inner self
+ Rewild your imagination at the Lair

Entrance your inner child with bespoke attire, headpieces, Victorian charm, circus themed splendour. It truly is an amusement ride of colour, texture and detail.

See the ‘Process to the Lair‘ page how to go about booking your ultra day out in four easy steps and to find answers to any questions along the way.

Pages from Illuminations book, Walter Benjamin on screen

All is now flowering, hurray!

What’s been happening..

Sasha’s photo’s are currently being worked on. Sasha is wanting a digital artistry flavour to her photos. See the new ‘Client Archive‘ section to recent photography of vintage glamour with Elizabeth.

Both Sasha and Elizabeth had their hair styled with vintage flair via the Ultra Day Out package. References are to be added soon in relation to hair and makeup artistry via Pam’s amazing work.

Early December, The Lair is amid a transformation to open up the space. New studio lights are here. Other recent additions, using pages ripped out from a book Walter Benjamin’s ‘Illuminations’, a divider screen has been completely covered the three panels on one side , and a framed piece around some furniture at the ‘Front of House’ cheekily labelled. A new garden arch has entered the Lair with real vines painted, ripped out from the front garden previously over towering shrub trees has become a hit with a background for photos.

Ana has finished working on a burgundy borelo with a Lolita bowed twist. It has miniature Greek mythology statues that can rest on the shoulder areas, however these are great props to hold, as you will see from Sasha’s shoot. Recently landed, two Lolita dresses in mind with an Alice in Wonderland vibe and a retro looking in faded red, Little Red Riding Hood dress and hood to match. A few new headpieces are now finished. It’s all go go!

Ultra Violet Lair - Alice in Wonderland styled chairs


Elizabeth Brandt

What a wonderful experience at Ultra Violet Lair! Taken away from the ordinary, looked after and treated to an extensive range of props, outfits and settings, the photo shoot was at once professional and enjoyable. So recommend this for a memorable experience, dress up, play and have a professional photographer, hair and makeup stylist bring a fantasy to life with photos to remember. Thank you so much Ana.


Sasha (Designs by Sasha)

Yesterday was tools down, while I stepped completely out of my comfort zone, and was transported back in time, to experience the glamour of old Hollywood, at local Hawkesbury business @ultravioletlair Dressing up has never been so much fun!! My inner child could never been happier. 😍😍 I’m about trying new experiences, and this one was definitely a tick off, on my bucket list 👍


Ronald Levesque

The imagination in the artistry is beyond amazing. The talent and art displayed is exceptional. A true artist in every sense of the word.


Pammy Sparre – Phoenix Hair & Makeup Artistry

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Ana on a enter the art zone lockdown photoshoot.. Ana gave me so many great options and was a joy to work with.. I am so over the moon with the final edits.. Absolutely fabulous! Ana's creativity is unique and magical.. I would highly recommend her if your looking for something completely outside the box..I look forward to working with this amazing lady in the future.. Thankyou Ana!


Imogen Terry – (Photo Shoot)

I would highly recommend Ana, her attention to detail and artwork is incredibly good and unique! If you are in need of a graphic artist or looking for a unique photo shoot, Ana is your lady!


Bella Wolf – Earthly Delight

It is so much joy to work with Ana! She takes the stress out of tricky design work and infuses so much fun into the process for those of us mere mortals in the blogging world. I love Ana’s magical sense of aesthetics and real attention to the finest details. she went above and beyond for me and took the time to really listen to what I wanted and guide me through the process coming up with lots of options. I am so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ana. I loved spending time in your Lair. Let’s do it again soon. (Portrait/Graphic Design work)


Model – Mimi Belle

I found Ultra Violet Lair online and entered a photoshoot competition with the lovely Ana! Luckily I won and got to experience the magic that is the Ultra Violet Lair! So many beautiful costume choices, props and sets, it’s really like stepping into Wonderland! Had a fabulous day shooting and Ana was very flexible as I had injured myself just before the shoot and was in a moon boot (not that you can tell looking at the pics hehe). Thanks so much Ana, can’t wait to be back in the studio again sometime soon xx


    • The Lair aims to give you a unique experience, styling you with existing pieces with a fantastical edge. To empower, be comfortable in front of the camera, in an extraordinary setting.
    • The studio space is like a gallery of the ornate, beautiful and bizarre. It’s detail throughout, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Victorian and circus themed as one
    • The back end of the house has a gorgeous bushland view, surrounded by trees

Most of the costumes have been made from vintage wares, antique wedding dresses and all sorts, therefore a unique stamp is across the board

  • Ana’s professional experience in photo retouching at various high-end companies and photography skillset at a large firm in the inner city of Sydney, ensures you are in good hands
  • Photos can be taken to new heights with digital artistry. See the White Rabbit’s house artwork, derived from the original book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll. Whereby people can be cut out in Photoshop and added accordingly to the scene
  • There is a large-scale dolls house, surreal in nature, with miniature chandelier’s that work and cut up vintage Barbie dolls throughout. Choco vines from a previous residence of Ana’s, is a large part to this doll house foundation, taking over 10 years to complete
  • The props, such as the enchanted trees made on location, really transform your experience, hello escapism! Wonderful backdrops
  • Ana takes the time to ask questions, send you references based on your answers (relevant to the Ultra Day Out package) to ensure your visit here is what you have been looking for, and exceeding expectations
  • Props and accessories are suggested or at hand to enhance your experience, also used as a fun distraction especially if nerves are at play
  • Ana goes out of her way to ensure you are comfortable getting your photo taken, and knows personally from past experience, hence doing a modelling course when younger to get over this!
  • Ana will help make you feel at ease by drawing on your imaginative spirit, with props galore. Please know, you will be lost in the detail of the room, your inner child will most definitely come out to play!
  • The drive here is truly beautiful and surrounding areas like Bilpin and Kurrajong Heights. A ‘Underground’ coffee is made for you once here or specialty tea, or a cheeky complimentary wine on request (if later in the day/if you are of legal age!)
  • There are so many background sections within the space of the Lair.
  • If later in the day (due to light of day) several close outdoor locations can be explored if sufficient time, perfect for the retro Little Red Riding Hood outfit (or in preference to the studio space).
  • The ad on catering options have all be tested with great satisfaction by Ana and her family! You won’t be disappointed, all decadent treats
  • The photographer and artist has worked in theatre and worked on a few low budget feature films therefore set design is close to her heart. There is no favourite, photography, costume and set design are all intertwined. Ana is a detail freak, with a love for the ornate, full stop!
  • Creative photography is explored from all angles off and on a tripod. Whatever it takes for you to look your best within the frame
  • The prints are professional fine art quality, your welcome to see any examples at the studio
  • The Lair welcomes you to find your heightened sense of self, be front and centre. Fashioned storytelling in an extraordinary place, like no other!


Gallery of the Lair

Bespoke attire made from vintage clothing and other gorgeous finds, makeup artistry with glamour to fashion flair, see the gallery that speaks direct to your inner child.


The Lair – Blog

Bite size blog entries from Ana from a fashion, art and design perspective, to her influences, creative makings and her way.
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