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Blog reference to Ultra Violet Lair's circus beauty attire

Style to my heart’s content, at any age

I’ve always loved green, a woman who actually swayed my decision to get green hair which I’ve had 20-30 years plus, pink a close second, was a lady guessing in her mid 70’s. She blew my mind with her total appearance. As the article from a ‘Good Weekend’ SMH, no date as ripped out some time ago, ‘Age of Defiance’ written by Jane Rocca highlighted throughout, are the strengths, passion and individuality of three women, who chose a different road to fast fashion and go their own way.

From a fashion perspective, I personally identify with Jenny Bannister and Christine Barro featured, Jenny for her love of full colour, kooky out there way, I thought of The Prodigy band when I first saw her photo and wonderful grin, and Jenny describing cutting up various items to make the revamped edition. To Christine Barro, to more the darker shades of wonder and intrigue, my love of dark art.

“I am all about wearable art’ states Jenny. I love the fact she finds items of interest, unpicks them and puts them upside-down, wherever her mind decides, positioning them in new places.”

I firstly thoroughly enjoyed this process last October when I bought several vintage wedding dresses, dyed them different colours and the sacrilege of cutting them up and repositioning them in the same fashion! An elaborate vintage wedding top experienced much of the same butchery, whereby the long sleeves where cut off and added to the shoulders with led lights put underneath. Miniature carousel horses where stripped off a vintage carousel, added with other elements to make oversized brooches like no other.
‘My style is all about being artistic. It’s based on colour, shape, flattery and art. I hate fast fashion. I don’t follow trends; they’re common and boring. I’m an individual, and I am not scared to express myself. In fact, I get a hell of a buzz out of going out on a limb because it brings in other people who are interested in the same sort of thing and it wipes out all the bland people who can go and sit in the corner like wallflowers’. – Jenny Bannister
I found the quote by Jenny above really interesting on so many levels, as I visualised having people dressed to the nine in my dolls-house, acting like wallflowers, but the flipside to draw you in. I think I’ve just always been fascinated with the word.
About six years ago, I went to ‘Sleep No More’ in New York, a 6-story pub, The Kittrick Hotel, which was completed in 1939, never opening to the public due to the onset of World War II, which was converted into a theatrical experience, totally worth looking up! Recall seeing scenes acted out and blown away from the place, beautiful and eerie, soundscapes married to perfection. Seeing an extravagant dinner party with a long table, all slow moving and spectacular!
In focus now down the street.. ‘Style is walking out the door wearing your pyjamas and nobody would know because you have a fabulous coat on. The garment is the canvas and the accessories are the three dimensional embellishment. I keep repainting a picture of me. Whether I layer with jewels or add a great scarf, it has to reflect my mood’. – Christine Barro
Christine’s known/described in the article as ‘femme fatale, avant-garde modernism, statement jewellery’. Her photo featured is showing her with impeccable style! Jewellery to jacket, lipstick and the list goes on. I’ve always gone for jewellery with more character, ornate to retro in style. Making random unique pieces from oddities and clothes found at second hand stores is of current interest, inspired from outlandish props and accessories in fashion magazines I recall from the past.

Jenny’s style rules are ‘It’s about putting garments on your body to flatter you and make you attractive, but you can look outlandish and zany at the same time. You don’t have to look like Coco Chanel, you can look outrageous and still look posh’.
I know personally, a love of fabrics, and making things is engrained in me. My grandmother Gladys said she learnt to sew from taking apart items and seeing how they were made and encouraged me to do so. I’ll also always be thankful to the woman who influenced me to go green (with my hair) vintage clothes and accessories to match. There will be more butchering of clothes and so be it.
On a final note – Although this blog piece highlights my interests, it serves to inspires others ‘Getting older doesn’t mean you have to fade away’ – Quote from Sarah Jane Adams. All the women featured in this article, you are amazing!

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