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Kristina Krakov portrait - National Photographic Portrait Prize Art Handlers’ Award, blog reference, Ultra Violet Lair -

National Photographic Portrait Prize Art Handlers’ Award goes to on! Must I say, personally a fruitful ride being lost within the photographers’ approach to her portrait of Michelle and identifying with the artist ‘Michelle’herself.

Documentary filmmaker, Kristina Krakov won the National Photographic Portrait Prize Art Handlers’ Award for her portrait titled I’m just a suburban fashionista’, thanks to Jessica Kemister and James Ley, the National Portrait Gallery Art Handlers. Kristina’s desire to capture people in their own spaces ‘surrounded by small parts of themselves’.”Michelle’s house was the most drastic example of this I’d ever witnessed”.

“I couldn’t help but capture her in her element. Like the experience of meeting Michelle, the portrait is electric; she can’t get lost amongst the curated chaos, yet has an undeniable presence.”

Curated chaos, for my own personal experience when lost in the moments to a creative pursuit. Learn’t on a low budget feature film from a Production Designer, Michael to push the envelope to actually break things, pull things apart, see it from another perspective. When the real creativity happens, the gates open to the new paths. Learning photography at a more condensed level at TAFE, university later however more graphics focused, I loved the encouragement to take photos from all angles, through fabrics, different times of the day, be lost in the moment. This freedom of expression to create without boundaries is owned by Michelle in her portrait, her stance, holding with pride and care to her subject. It’s a pure delight.
My mother actually sent this photo and story my way as she knew it would resonate. Noted, was the green chair in this artist’s house. I have the same colour, similar design found in mint condition on the side of the road, which after many attempts, I was able to stuff it into my small car about 5 years ago whilst working on a graphics contract role. It lit up my soul instantly, and naturally still a prized possession.

The title I’m just a suburban fashionista’is wonderfully playful and bold. Much welcomed into my world of art, textiles and ‘curated chaos’.

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