Refashioned vintage attire to Lolita Alice in Wonderland dresses. Creative photography is the record to this tale. This gallery enriched space awaits all imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, that speaks volumes, to your creativity and way. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Studio space, at The Lair, corner view

All is black and white.. with red of course my dear…

A Gothic obsession has captured my heart, throughout my life. I drew fangs on all the animals to an Easter card, as shown for my parents when about 10 years of age. I designed a pack of cards at uni that was based around vampires. I always wore Victorian styled to 60-70’s jewellery growing up and received all my sisters Gothic clothes, that I still predominantly have, ex a few cut up (reworked however!) as they are just gorgeous. I simply love the intricate details, a maze of beauty within. Perhaps this started when growing up, seeing the ornate 70’s wallpaper to my parents house, prior to their rebuild. My mother thought it was ghastly all the detailed wallpaper, however not for me. I was happy getting lost amongst it.

It was interesting driving to a gig to see Pseudo Echo on the Friday just past. The lead singer Brian Canham talked about a gig with Siouxsie and the Banshees back in Melbourne in 1982. On the drive to the gig, ‘Peek-A-Boo’ came on from a random play on my phone, making it an all round nostalgic trip out. Besides the tracks perfomed and ever so well, the  band did a cover of Real Life’s “Send me an Angel”, amazing! Music is an integral part to my life.

Now, new Gothic elements to my studio space have come to fruition, practically the whole space has been transformed to fed this obsession. With miniature areas for my miniature butler ‘Baileywick’ to roam in. If you visit here, shhh! Please don’t tell him that I cut matted hair off a vintage Barbie. He needed an edge..

I’m thinking of making Baileywick a double story house with furnishings to go. A fascination for taxidermy will present itself. However Ana will not be doing the cuttings, but has her eye on several dressed up mice of the dark art aesthetics and hopes to introduce at least one soon.

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