Refashioned vintage attire to Lolita Alice in Wonderland dresses. Creative photography is the record to this tale. This gallery enriched space awaits all imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, that speaks volumes, to your creativity and way. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Bowen Mountain, Sydney NSW 2753
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Alice in Wonderland themed – Styling to photography

Be Alice, in your personalised wonderland

..Creative makeup, hair or wig styled, costume to go, with you front and centre. Props sourced or made to make your experience extraordinary and damn right fun! Cherry pick items from the studio space, like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to use during your photo shoot here, inclusive of items that might go in hand with your styled outfit.

After a tour of the studio space, to maximise your time here, Ana will ask you which area you’d like to start with (see below) for photography, and ensure that studio space is set up ready to go. Feel free to advise in advance and let Ana know any ideas at play. A mix up indoors and out gives you a good range of photos, naturally if weather prevails.

Costume styling, Hair and Makeup
Ana teams up with Pam from Phoenix Hair and Makeup to create your look. Pam is exceptional at what she does, Ana knows personally from having her makeup and blue wig styled. Blown away by her look, the sense of empowerment, a feeling basically out of this world.. The entry ticket to be yourself, as Alice, your way.

Please note – Date, 1st, July 2022 – Lots of updates to headpieces, costumes and the studio space has taken place. Visit early August for photos to styled outfits/all updates. The Alice in Wonderland styled outfit for Size – Small to Medium is now completed! See for photos.

There are also two Lolita Alice dresses, Large and XL, bought overseas. They can fit smaller framed people and there are draw strings around the waist. The dresses can be pinned at the back if necessary.

The Lair, checkered sequin background, enchanted trees

Your complete look as Alice, to wonderland settings

Backgrounds at the Lair
You can utilise as many of the backgrounds as possible in the timeframe.

In the studio space

Mad Hatters tea party
Red and black chairs
Victorian dividers, mini stage set up
Victorian dividers, enchanted trees
Black and white sequin table set up
Rabbit hole (faux ferns to be added)
At the gold mirror, gold tea cup & saucer
Magical book pages screen

In the garden – Front or backyard
Front yard green leafed tree
Backyard bushlands ferns

Wonderland themed artworks (Ad on costs)
The artworks have two options.
No edit – Any artworks you want to purchase are as per the reference image(s).
Photoshop me into – Photo(s) of you taken from you shoot are edited via Photoshop into the artwork scene of choice, into the ‘Alice in Wonderland themed’ artworks

Titles to artworks
Red rose tree five seven
Crimson velvet grand procession
Cheshire cat nine lives
W Rabbit house springtime
W Rabbit house winter delight
Wonderland cat dj delight
Queen of hearts red wonderland
Queen of hearts sirens sea

The Lair, front of house
The Lair, Main room with checkered sequin fabric backdrop


Ultra Violet Lair is dedicated to providing a professional and fun filled experience, with you front and centre. The artist and photographer Ana has worked extensively on the design to show immaculate detail throughout the space, with a focus pocus on Alice in Wonderland. It’s a fantastical land, to enchant your inner child. Like cherrypicking items to wear or toy with in the studio space, like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, whilst your stay here.

This is a small business and we support other small businesses in both makeup and catering in the Hawkesbury area of Sydney, handpicked due to their amazing nature and skillset.

Let Ana assist you, creating your vision to your day. Book your session and let’s make the magic happen!