Refashioned vintage attire to Lolita Alice in Wonderland dresses. Creative photography is the record to this tale. This gallery enriched space awaits all imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, that speaks volumes, to your creativity and way. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Alternative styling with unique refashioned wares..




Celebrate self-expression promoting your uniqueness. Fuel your creative soul with outfits that spark your creativity. Matched to your makeup as art, opposed to the norm, speaking volumes to your way.

Alternative aesthetic, via categories

Alternative aesthetic
Alternative aesthetic – Plus sizes
Fairytale to Colour
Fairytale to Colour – Plus sizes

Dark aesthetics to Alice in Wonderland themed, there are now so many outfits now to chose from. If your up for a costume/photo shoot, please visit and fill out the Style Me page, it takes literally a minute, all easy select buttons via the online form. This is purely to find options for your size, not for marketing purposes.

Alternatively, click the link below to go to the contacts page to book in a 30 minute session to see the range for your size in person.

Book a 30 minute session

See the quick drop down form on the contacts page. Ana will ensure to fit in with your request, based on her availability.

New quirky to dark headpieces

Button Eyes on You headpiece, with doll prop to go
'Full Throttle Bat' headpiece

First image – ‘Button eyes on you’ headpiece, accompanied broken (with love) Lalaloopsy doll. A dolly friend to be, during apocalyptic times.

Second image – ‘Full Throttle Bat’ headpiece, another beauty during apocalyptic times.

Alternative aesthetic - Pris from Blade Runner, styled outfit

Cyberpunk setting in the studio

The studio space now has the vibe to the original Blade Runner. The faux leather corset worn by Rhiannon is size XL.

Plus size re this look

Let us know your size and it will be ordered at no extra charge, however it stays in the studio space for others to bath in the limelight after you.

Please note – For all sizes, please source/bring your own stockings

Alternative aesthetic - Harlequin Queen, styled outfit

Victorian Harlequin Queen styled outfit, accessories, inclusive of gothic collar

This dress is up to size 16, however there are now eyelets at the back to open it up for larger sizes and to pull it in for smaller. For this photo, it was roughly pinned at the back.

The dress was bought second hand which had a lot of coffee coloured silk, now completely taken out of the picture, with a kids size harlequin outfit cut up and utilised throughout. One of artist’s red tulle skirts was also cut up and sewed with much creativity onto the shoulder areas as dark whimsical features.

Creative makeup can go in any direction, and there is a white base to use here if you would like a similar vibe to the artist featured here.

Alice in Wonderland themed - Queen of Hearts, styled outfit

Queen of Hearts styled outfit

Bec from BB Millinery was the devine Queen of Hearts and the first person to wear the outfit. Bec was photographed with a white alpaca in the front yard. The outfit required reworking hence the difference to the look in the top to ‘Miranda Fair’ professional drag artiste adorned with the new Queen of Hearts headpiece stylised on the original Lewis Carroll ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book.

31st July – Queen of Hearts plus size was finished. The same as above, however a wrap around top with a gold featured piece (more like the imagery in the Lewis Carroll book) as opposed to the white panel in the small to large.

How would you want your makeup for this Alice in Wonderland themed outfit?

Alice in Wonderland themed - Alice moonlit, styled outfit

One of a kind, Alice Moonlit styled outfit - Size 8 - 14

A gorgeous across the board skirt, is the Alice Moonlit skirt for all sizes. Made from a vintage wedding dress that went under the knife ..or scissors. See the blog post re more to this project.

Please note this top is for smaller sizes, however there are other options for all sizes.

Alternative styling, your way..

Ready to book your photo shoot? Fill out the quick online Style Me page to fast track the process, based on your vision.



Costumes - Alternative aesthetic

Alternative aesthetic - Plus Sizes

Costumes - Vintage wares to reworked Lolita

Vintage wares to reworked Lolita - Plus sizes