Creative portrait photography, unique costuming and props with fashion flair, for women who want to show their extraordinary selfs. The lair exhibits a love for Alice in Wonderland. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Bowen Mountain, Sydney NSW 2753
*By appointment ONLY

Process to the Lair

The Lair - Studio space in Sydney, model in studio


The Lair is an evolving space of the beautiful bizzare. Bookings are in two hour sessions, as there are various places of interest to take your photographs. There is a new 2.3metre arch with draped netting next to the enchanted trees and goddess chair. Model Charlotte is featured in the room with the Victorian styled dividers. Vintage wedding dresses are dropped up behind a black and white sequin fabric, perfect for an Alice in Wonderland backdrop! See the ‘Creative Services‘ page for more images to the Lair and the ‘Costume and Styling Options’ for attire.


Ana shoots her photography with a Canon Mark III, utilising different modes, all angles with her camera to get the most out of the scene. References are on hand in the studio as cues for poses with props galore at your disposal. Creative portraits with whimsical to fashion flair is what Ana loves best.

The Lair - Studio space in Sydney, model Mimi in the studio
Ultra Violet Lair - Costuming with model Mimi

Process - 4 steps - Before your shoot

1 – When would you like to do your photo shoot?
Fill out the contact form (or direct email) advising a few date options/time.

Aim for approximately two weeks ahead for the Ultra Day Out package and for Ana to book in with her makeup artist.
Monday | Wednesday | Friday and Saturdays – By appointment ONLY
Best start time slots – 10am, 12noon during the week
** Do you require catering etc? See the ‘Creative Services‘ page.
Custom cakes require several weeks booking in advance.

2 – Pay your deposit – $249.00
Payments can be paid in full or in 2 stages.
One –  The deposit $249.00 before work commences
Two – One week prior to the shoot

3 – Please download the ‘Styling at the Lair‘ to help you get the most out of your visit to the Lair. If your going with the Ultra Day Out package, Ana works with you to ensure your makeup is on cue (and hair style if applicable) and approved by you.
Please note – Nothing is set in concrete, but a guide is needed so that your time is here is well spent

4 – On the day of your shoot/appointment time, a tour of the Lair to see the space, then the makeup artistry begins (if applicable), based on the creative look approved by you.
As highlighted, photo references for inspiration are here at the studio space with good cues for placement of hands whilst being photographed. Ana is open to any ideas and poses for photography you might have, but please know, the focus is all about wonderful escapism in a gorgeous setting, with you dressed to your complete liking, to bring your inner child to play. Ana’s intension is to also find shots in-between that spark your way.
Please also visit the ‘Creative Services‘ page for more information.

Process - 4 steps - After your shoot

  1. Options for to select final photos
    If there is time, straight after the shoot! An appointment can be made to come and view/select the final photos a week or so after.
    A private page is sent for viewing of the final selected photos where an online password protected area gives you access.
  2. Packages for digital and professional fine art prints are charged separately, on top of the pricing for the ‘Come as you dare’ and the ‘Ultra Day Out!’ packages. A4 & A3 prints are purchased separately in batches of 3 or 6
    Digital prints are purchased in batches or 10 or 30
    Other large format prints are available on request.
  3. Any images requested for print are then organised for print ready are then sent away for professional fine art printing. Around 2 week turnaround.
  4. The gallery if applicable is then moved to ‘Client Archive’.

See also the ‘Your photo in artwork‘ page if your wanting a photograph to be taken to another level with digital artistry, ie, Photoshopped into an artwork scene of choice. Please note – This option is not however is not part of the two packages available on this website.

The Lair - Studio space in Sydney, model Charlotte at the tea cup enchanted tree
Prints feature, with Mimi
The Lair - Studio space in Sydney, by appointment only


Ultra Violet Lair is dedicated to providing a professional and fun filled experience, with you front and centre. It’s an amusement ride of colour, texture and most definitely detail. This is a small business and we support other small businesses in both makeup and catering in the Hawkesbury area of Sydney. Let Ana assist you, creating your vision to your day, book your session and let’s make the magic happen!