Refashioned vintage attire to Lolita Alice in Wonderland dresses. Creative photography is the record to this tale. This gallery enriched space awaits all imaginative souls (like Alice) who need a costume to wear, that speaks volumes, to your creativity and way. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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Bowen Mountain, Sydney NSW 2753
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Colours textures, bring it on!

Costume and Styling

Ana draws on her film and theatrical background, working with you to find the right fit to your requirements, to style you with existing pieces with a fantastical edge.

See the latest collection of attire, with a love for all things vintage, Victorian, Lolita and retro, in an amusement ride of colour, texture and detail via the Costuming and Styling options page.

illuminations for the soul with

Creative Photography

Creative photography, unique portraits, infused with fun to bring out your inner child and imaginative spirit.
The photographer and artist Ana, will make you feel at ease, drawing on your imaginative spirit with props galore. The entrancing world to the Lair’s studio space, will also help transform your experience, with you front and centre.

Be photographed at the Lair or on location at beautiful to vintage wonderland settings in the Hawkesbury area.

Studio space and equipment

A Professional Studio for Photography

Studio lights, backdrops of Victorian to directly Alice in Wonderland themed,  custom props to make your experience at the Lair an adventurous creative ride, with you front and centre.

to another artful dimension..

Digital Artistry

Ana has extensive professional photo retouching experience working for high profile companies and a photo studio. Both hands on creating to the digital realm. It’s a devoted passion to produce works that are unique.

See the ‘Shrink like Alice‘ page for all the places you can NOW go. Dress up, enchant your inner child. Fuel your creativity.. Send your photo to match the selected artwork. Be photoshopped within.

Photography - Ultra Day Out

Vintage glamour is Elizabeth

The beautiful Elizabeth in various scenes within the Lair! A wonderful experience for Ana, the Costume and Creative Photographer, as this was the first time teaming up with Pam from Phoenix Hair and Makeup Artistry, there is no looking back, only over the moon!