Creative portrait photography, unique costuming and props with fashion flair, for women who want to show their extraordinary selfs. The lair exhibits a love for Alice in Wonderland. Entrance your inner child at the Lair!

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By browsing the Website, or placing an Order, you agree to these Terms and Conditions as set out below.


Payment may be made by bank transfer, or Stripe


  • Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the deposit for any of the photo shoot packages of $199.00, must be paid prior to commencement of work. Monies for any of the photo shoot packages must be paid 7 days prior to the shoot date. Web retouched imagery and large format prints are to be paid once selected/the time of agreement before work will commence. The exception to this rule, for digital artistry works, whereby a small file with a watermark is sent for approval, only then, shall be payable on completion of the project. In relation to specific contracts, these figures or terms may be varied as set out in the respective contract.
  • Ultra Violet Lair reserves the right to hold onto completed photography prints and costume projects until invoices have been paid in full.


Only good quality photos can be used within the artworks for ‘Shrink like Alice’. Ultra Violet Lair has the right to reject photos received that are marked low quality. The file sizes to the original artworks are large, taken with a professional camera, a low quality image will look out of place and not up to standard. This also makes it hard to deep etch (cut around your photo) to place within the artwork. Ultra Violet Lair, in this instance would request another photo of better quality. There after a full refund is issued to the customer if the files are still unworkable.


  • Should the customer have cause to make any complaint about service via Ultra Violet Lair, if put in writing, will be acknowledged by Ultra Violet Lair within 7 days and a detailed reply will be issued to the customer within a further 14 days thereafter.
  • Ultra Violet Lair shall be under no liability if unable to carry out production (photography) for any reason beyond its control including (without limiting to) unknown act of the Universe, legislation, war, fire, flood, drought, failure of power supply, lock-out, strike or other action taken by powers above me to procure materials required for the performance of the contract. During the continuance of such a contingency the client may, by written notice to Ultra Violet Lair, elect to terminate the contract and pay for work that has been completed and materials used but subject thereto shall otherwise accept delivery of the final product when available.


  • The customer’s requirements, if any, must be clearly provided to Ultra Violet Lair in writing before commencement of work and subject only to one set of minor alterations thereafter.
  • Major alterations to a project, such as re-edits, extra photography, digital artistry, not agreed prior to the commencement of work, must be made subject to a further written agreement, and further payment.
  • Finalised images will be publicly available on Ultra Violet Lair ’s website, socials and portfolio, as examples of work.
  • All costume and photography created under Ultra Violet Lair remains copyright of the Director ‘Ana Miller’, and Ultra Violet Lair. The public use of the footage for marketing, and creative purposes is completely within the rights of Ultra Violet Lair. Nothing will be used that is inappropriate or defamatory in any way to the client.
  • Any additional requirements –– extra equipment hire, location hire, props, set design, special effects, stock footage, and consumables must be agreed upon before commencement of project, and require additional cost separate to costs of labour and services rendered.
  • Additional hours for photography, costuming or any stage of production are available upon request but must be flexible to Ultra Violet Lair hours of operation, and available dates/ times.
  • Additional hours come in packages of 2, 4 and 6 charged at $70.00 per hour.
  • Ultra Violet Lair cannot be held liable for loss or damage caused as a result of third party action or failure.
  • Customer contracts may be modified by agreement in End of Terms and Conditions writing at any time to add or delete services to better fit the customer’s / creators needs.


  1. At Ultra Violet Lair, our way is to ensure your happy with the product/service we provide. Please get in contact, if applicable, take photographic evidence regarding any damages to goods. In order to facilitate a return under these Terms and Conditions, customers must 
e-mail –

    Where an item is found to be damaged on delivery, and the customer notifies Ultra Violet Lair of that fault within the first 48 hours after delivery, then Ultra Violet Lair will either:

  2. Replace the faulty Good at our discretion; or

    If we are unable to provide a new replacement, Ultra Violet Lair has the option to offer a full or partial refund dependant on the amount of damage to the product.

    Where a new replacement is available, and the customer elects to receive a refund instead of a replacement, the refund will be for the amount of the purchase price excluding the initial & return delivery cost.